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Like the instrument panel on a ship, your business can provide an endless supply of measurements, data, analytics and more. Being able to accurately read, analyze and execute those findings can seem like an impossible task. At Eighty5° West, our seasoned team of business advisors uses a data driven approach to help guide your business on the right course.


85°W = BI + BE + E + C + I + P
BI = Business Intelligence
BE = Business Ecosystem
EQ = Emotional Intelligence
E = Empathy
C = Curiosity
I = Integrity
P = Professionalism



Our Team

todd creek

Todd Creek


Todd Creek is a senior executive with 30 years of management, operations, finance, and accounting experience. He has a successful track record representing companies in acquisitions (both Buyer & Seller) as well as identifying and implementing many organic business development initiatives. Todd is Highly focused, motivated, pragmatic leader with a contemplative mind and a high degree of communication and relationship skills. In Todd’s free time he enjoys horse racing, golf and relaxing at the lake.

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Pat Hamilton

Patrick Hamilton has 25 years of experience in operations, finance and management.  He has experience as a Chief Operating Officer, a Chief Financial Officer and in investment banking.  Pat has a deep understanding in business planning, project execution and financial analysis.  He holds an MBA, a BS in accounting and passed the CPA exam on his first attempt.  Pat enjoys cycling, spending time on the soccer field watching his kids and going to the lake.


Amy McClure

With over 20 years in the energy, finance and management fields. Throughout her career she has held various positions from broker to director. Amy brings an overwhelming positive attitude and is a great addition to Eighty 5 West



Business Stats


Years of Professional Experience ​


Different Business Sectors Serviced
Financial Services (Brokerage/Trading), Energy, Manufacturing, Food& Beverage, and Retail


Capital Raised


Years of Industry Experience
(Financial Services and Energy)


Different Multi-million Dollar Acquisition Transactions


Financial Valuations, Proformas, Budgets and Models


Years of Public Accounting Experience.


E5°W Advisory Clients Revenue Growth (TTM vs PYTTM)


Strategic Plans Developed


Professional Titles
(CEO, CFO, COO, MANAGER, Senior Associate, Associate)


Multi-million Dollar Employment Contracts Negotiated

Boards & Committees


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What's In a Name?

We wanted a powerful name that conveyed our roots as well as the solutions we offer to businesses around the country. While 38.2527° N 85.7585° W is our home base our reach stretches from coast to coast.

When developing our brand, we dug deep into who we are. We found that most businesses are not completely lost at sea, but most need a calculated approach to bring them back on course. Like a ship with an instrument panel (the old days of navigating by the stars/sun/moon is over) we have GPS. Yet, you still need a well-trained captain and crew who know how to work the system/gages to read the output.

Eighty5°West Business Advisory is your dedicated partner helping you stay the course.

Analyze ° Communicate ° Execute